Between Hope and Dreams  

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Uploaded: 02/02/04 5:03 PM GMT
Between Hope and Dreams
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02/02/04 9:32 PM GMT
Hey Jayded, wow, im priveleged to be the 1st to comment on this!! I think its amazing, you've captured the whole feeling of hopes and dreams just right, well for me anyway.INTO THE FAVS IT DOES GO!!!!Keep it up!
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Strobe45! Music to Crash Your Car To!
02/03/04 1:18 AM GMT
Very soft focus - a different effect than some of the others. Nice.
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never give up
02/03/04 3:48 PM GMT
Beautiful picture. I like the use of light and mist or clouds.
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02/06/04 2:21 AM GMT
This is really cool, I like the title, too.
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Byez, Tani
02/06/04 3:53 AM GMT
Wow. This really blew me away. Beautiful colors for a beautiful image. Great job. 10/10
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02/08/04 11:14 PM GMT
I'm surprised this isn't in one of the main galleries I like it so much :P
Awesome awesome
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05/23/04 9:40 PM GMT
too cool
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05/30/04 7:48 PM GMT
it looks very cool!
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09/07/04 9:23 PM GMT
I be liking this one.
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"This is your story."
02/16/05 2:46 PM GMT
wow awesome 10/10 and straight to favs
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I am able to BE, to BEAR, to DO, or DARE, all things through Christ who strengthens me, every day of my life.
05/11/05 9:33 PM GMT
I love the colors and hues. Wish I could just dive in and soar around, no I'm not taking drugs. Used to.

Thanks it's really great work.
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10/03/05 10:15 PM GMT
Very nice.
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Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Check this out!
11/13/05 2:44 AM GMT
very nice....has a sort of dreamy feel to it
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06/04/06 12:39 AM GMT
i love the colors and it makes me think of space....very cool....its kinda 3Dish too and that's awesome....
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08/26/06 5:35 AM GMT
Very soft and nicely done.
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03/17/07 7:37 PM GMT
This is also gorgeous. Great sense of energy and "happening" in this one. Beautiful colours.

- cfr
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03/22/07 4:00 PM GMT
Beautiful...i think you've got the measure of dreams and hope exactly right! well done.
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01/29/08 8:54 PM GMT
Very nice i to like the use of color and would also like to fly around in that image for a while...well done
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05/14/12 5:25 PM GMT
Well done; interesting title....the essence of an inner reality perhaps??
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