Rest Area  

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Uploaded: 02/04/16 4:58 PM GMT
Rest Area
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This old boy stands out in the middle of a large open field. I imagine all kinds of birds and critters stop here to look around and take a break. I have seen many of them over the years. It must have been closed for cleaning this day. I have been known to use a tree for a rest area more then once.


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02/04/16 5:20 PM GMT
Stark and lovely...R.
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02/04/16 5:34 PM GMT
Love bare trees in winter Tick - nice monotones.
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02/04/16 5:42 PM GMT
Yeah...and the small trees are good for the wee ones to ....well cock their legs!

Good details on this..and nice in mono!
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02/04/16 6:40 PM GMT
Quite dramatic, Tick. That cloud filled sky is absolutely complimentary for for that big guy. Well presented.
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02/04/16 6:42 PM GMT
Impressive and very fine image Owd Fella Tick (OFT). I haven't seen a colored version of this image, but I assume that the monotones have enhanced it's 'strength' and beauty.

Perfect one for the Wednesday B&W challenge.

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02/04/16 6:43 PM GMT
An impressive looking tree with its bare branches against that moody grey sky. Nice one Tick.
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02/04/16 8:33 PM GMT
Very well done, and I agree that long huge tree made for a perfect photo opt,and you did a great job on editing. tigz=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
02/04/16 9:41 PM GMT
"I have been known to use a tree for a rest area more than once." That could explain the absence of leaves. Good looking silhouette work, Tick.
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02/05/16 1:25 AM GMT
I bet this old boy has seen many seasons come and go. Very thought provoking my friend. Excellent photo and the B&W really adds to it.
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02/05/16 4:40 PM GMT
Great in its simplicity Tick. B&W creates such a moody image - great for the B&W Challenge.
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02/05/16 4:41 PM GMT
There should be a bench under that beauty, lovely done up in black and white.
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02/05/16 7:59 PM GMT
Beautifully-shaped tree and very stark in B&W contrast. Lovely.
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02/05/16 8:13 PM GMT
Very lovely B/W!!!, Great capture
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02/06/16 10:57 AM GMT
:) a very exposed rest area.
It is a lovely winter scene well suited to B&W and the shape of the tree is wonderful. The image exudes an air of loneliness.
Added to the BWC - thank you Tick :)
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02/07/16 1:46 AM GMT
Cool...I like the color version better, though...
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02/08/16 1:19 AM GMT
Tick - A b/w beauty!
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02/17/16 11:05 PM GMT
Really love that tree and makes a fabulous subject for the b/w challenge - excellent capture
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02/18/16 2:56 AM GMT
A wonderful looking image and capture, TicK. Nice depth in the scene and a great looking sky.
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04/26/16 5:50 AM GMT
Tremendous effect when viewed in full screen - superior capture and subject. Favorite.
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