Contest Results: Tools of the Trade

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Ended 10/21/12 4:15 PM GMT
Winner: Nikoneer (See the full results)

1st place
Golden Shower by Nikoneer

ted3020: An excellent entry. You have a great angle and the stop action highlights the sparks. I'm sure there are plenty of potential entries around the area.

J_E_F: Excellent entry. Congrats!

LakeMichigan: Congratulations Nik on winning the contest.
Excellent entry .

Nikoneer received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Smithy by 0930_23

snapshooter87: Contest or No, it's a winner.

luckyshot: Tick - Well done! I've never been able to capture a smithy shop as they are quite dark. You nailed this one. Thad

Jhihmoac: Like how you isolated the fire color, Cap'n...Good post...Faved...

Both AL / NL series tied 1 - 1

0930_23 received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Tools by ryzst

LynEve: Congratulations on the contest placement with this great image Russ.

japio: Wow, very nice!
succes in the contest;-)

0930_23: Congrats on your finish in the contest, Russ. It was a great entry.


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4th place
Tools by japio

0930_23: A super entry. Congrats on your finish in the contest.


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Jhihmoac: Nice one...BOL in the contest...

Starry173: Wonderful closeup - fascinating.

LynEve: A beautiful image and well deserving of a placement in the contest - Congratulations :)

5th place
Prisoners of Time by koca

PatAndre: Well, well, I don't know how you did that but I like it. Excellent.

cynlee: Amazing image, Milka and quite well photographed.

elektronist: Great imagination and creativity. Very nice capture as well, Milka. -Tanju

gizmo1: Stunning piece of art work and my favorite colours blue.I love the detail you captured in this photo and what a beautiful looking painting this is and one clever artist too.