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Ended 12/03/11 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: Inkeri (See the full results)

1st place
The place where stories and legends comes alive by Inkeri

corngrowth: Erja, I see that you have deleted your initial entry (Where the fairies and troll lives 1) and have replaced by this one.

Lovely shot and a good entry too.

Good Luck.

Regards, Cornelius.

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2nd place
Night Dreams by coram9

Jimbobedsel: Congrats on the 2nd place. A well deserved honor!

purmusic: OK, I dood it.

Downloaded your piece here.. and had a go in Photoshop. Employing a Layer, some Masking ... all creatively centered around the use of the Diffuse Glow Filter.

For the most part, as there was some further post processing.. that of a Shadow/Highlight adjustment drawing out a tad more detail/delineation of objects in spots.

Here are the results:

"Night Dreams" - reworked (goes without saying, 'reworked' is not the most apt descriptor)

I will say, foremost ... that the fairies were much clearer once in Photoshop and with the image zoomed at 100%, as opposed to viewing via the 'suggested'/recommended size from the site based on my monitor.

In the creative mucking about.. came to realize that which was sticking in me pea brain ... that of the girl's face. Specifically, the degree of lighting/illumination compared to that which appears in other areas within frame.

Not quite sure that it should be that subdued on the note of realism.

If you view the 'rework', you'll notice that her face and surrounding area is brightened up some. As with the other areas and sources of light ... the fairies, to compensate for such. (Balance and Weight being the primary creative considerations.)

Did have the thought, that a portico (i.e. ... "Welcome to the Tree of Knowledge") or window behind and above her ... might work towards providing a light source for illuminating her legs. As I now understand the placement/reason for the one fairy that is rising up above her legs.

Could use the opening (if a window ... perhaps, a lamp if a portico) to introduce the lighting substitute/source for that of the rising fairy.

Compositionally, adding a portico or window might tighten things up some (in my ever so humble opinion). And/or.. introduce some more visual interest in that area (peek at a star-filled night, moon and clouds, whatever).

Have to say, spending some more time with "Night Dreams" while in the editing chair and having viewed those vid tutorials ... came to a better understanding of Vue 9. And for the creative vision necessary in compositing a scene, let alone the time necessary to render.

... ...

... ...

Right, and done.

... ...



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3rd place
Isle of Wanderers by Akeraios

Roseman_Stan: Best of the entries so far. Excellent work.

0930_23: Congrats on the 3rd place finish in the contest.


(Viewed Full Screen)

dreamer100: Grass, bark and trees all truly lovely in natural texture and softness. It tells a story of isolation and quest even without your narrative. Good one.

4th place
Dragon at the Gate by Tootles

rotcivski: Great entree. Well worked-beautifully put together.


Logun7: Congratulations!

Jimbobedsel: A well deserved placing in the contest. Very nice.

danika: Wow, very imaginative work, Tootles. Would make a wonderful cover for a childrens fairy tale book. Love the colorful windows. Best wishes in the contest.

5th place the Forest of Ever After... by lilu103

purmusic: Nice work, Lisa.

And I can only imagine the creative time involved to composite an image as yours here.

Proportions/relative sizes and perspective for each of the animals, birds, butterflies, mushrooms.. are done well. And their placement within frame in the various visual nooks and crannies and overall, on the notes of Composition and that of Balance.. is good good.


The base forest image has some.. some, being the operative word ... exposure problems. In that some of the shadowed areas are just that. Details are blocked to a degree. What gives it away to my eyes is the Colour Balance leaning towards the cooler side of the spectrum (blues, magentas, et al.. a lil' bit more on this to follow).

Could be.. the White Balance setting selected in conjunction with how you set the Exposure for the scene.


If your camera supports Auto-Bracketing.. shoot away to capture a few photos with the Exposure already changed automatically for you (or that of White Balance, ISO, etc..).

If your camera does not support Auto-Bracketing.. employ the Exposure Compensation option/function that I am sure your camera does have ... and shoot a few shots this way. Under/Over.. can then select the best or blend a couple (i.e. one is better exposed for the ground, one is better exposed for the sky).

Colour Balance.

As mentioned; the blues, magentas, etc.. are a bit more prominent.

Nothing wrong with this, nor to a large degree or extent.

My thoughts are that your image here is a great desktop/wallpaper for kids.. and adults that have not lost touch with their inner child.. and 'warmer' might be a tad better.


Here you go, I simply googled these terms.. 'free Photoshop action Curves' and came up with these hits:

"Add-ons and Tools for Photoshop Elements" (the 'how to use actions' stuff can also be found on this linked page)

"30+ Must Have Photoshop Actions For Photo Touch-Ups"

... and a refinement with the search terms could probably produce better and more exacting results. (Russell Brown's site is quite good as well ... ... might have to dig around though to find the stuff for older versions of Photoshop.)

Simply put (you may be aware of what actions do, I am merely elaborating here for the uninitiated), actions are preset various adjustments (could be Curves, Levels, and more complicated adjustments towards the end of a creative aim/technique ... i.e. 'vintage look').

A good good and fast way to edit your images, till 'you' (speaking generally here) become familiar with using the editing tools/options available to you. And many actions allow you to make further adjustments as they run.

Right, coming back to the point of 'warmer' colours.

Personal preference.

Well, add to that ... that 'we' attribute a 'feel and mood', given the overall colour palette that 'we' perceive. (<--- Think this is self-explanatory?)

Alllll that said..

Well done.. and best of luck with your entry here. :o)