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Ended 01/30/11 9:15 AM GMT
Winner: mschaper (See the full results)

2nd place
Lighthouse And Storm In B&W by braces

slybri: Congrats on the entry to the permanent galleries its well deserved.

wheedance: Wow!

Heroictitof: Excellent shot Steve !!
Good luck for the current contest my friend.

cynlee: A perfect image for the b/w contest. Wonderful motion and detail.

braces received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Mother & Son Reunion by nmsmith

SEFA: A very emotional moment captured by you. Itīs a beautiful photo in every way. I am happy for you that he arrived back home safe.
Good luck in the contest!

johindes: How beautiful this is, made me tear up I have to say. A very powerful image indeed, and for me a most excellent entry to the contest. So glad he is home safe xxx

4th place
Remnants of a Bygone Era by snapshooter87

edoctober: The gray scale treatment seems to add to the age of the building and make the desert location appear even drier. Considering the photo's subject these things work as a plus. On the other hand, in the color version I like how the dark brown branches stand out so well against the medium blue sky. There are always trade-offs, huh?

5th place
The Last Of The Mohicans by Jimbobedsel

FlimBB: Very interesting work. It really grows on you. Nice job.

Joanie: So perfect for the contest Jim! Really cool piece of work and superbly done!

marcaribe: Very creative piece of art Jimbob! I really like wishes in the the contest. Guess I won't enter since I don't have a single B & W picture..oh well