Contest Results: Still Life

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Ended 01/28/17 3:15 PM GMT
Winner: jerseygurl (See the full results)

1st place
Shells by jerseygurl

corngrowth: Laura, congratulations for winning the 'Still Life' contest!

tigger3: Beautiful presentation, the flower is such a nice element for this one, I predict it will do well in the contest. tigs=^..^=

trixxie17: Outstanding work Laura especially like the little daisy included with the shells - a touch of color.

jerseygurl received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Fruits Anyone? by Ramad

mesmerized: Great set-up and still life, Raj...clean capture and very appetizing as well...good luck in the comp.

Tomeast: This is terrific !

corngrowth: A classical still life, Raj, perfectly captured by you.
Good luck in the contest with it, my friend!

Ramad received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Kiwifruit by LynEve

corngrowth: They aren't only tasty, but they are 'vitamin bombs' as well.
Twice a kiwi a day (and not smoking, ☺ ), makes that one will live longer.

Good one, Lynn!

icedancer: Congratulations on 3rd Place - well done

4th place
Brushing Up On A Few Things by gr8fulted

tigger3: I like your presentation, and the colors pop! tigs=^..^=

BarnArt: Nice still life!

corngrowth: Perfect still life, Ted. Could be a perfect contender for the current contest as well!

icedancer: Congratulations Ted on your 4th place - job well done

5th place
Sweet Life by trixxie17

corngrowth: ---no innocent candies were consumed during this shoot!---

Think that I've enjoyed this 'meal' instantly, Kathy.

Proves to me again that female human beings have a stronger character than the male ones, ☺ .

Good Luck with it in the contest, my friend!